Mason Thread The Golden Room

The entire room gives off an air of opulence. The walls, the floor, the ceiling, the furniture - all of it seems covered in gold. In any other situation, this room would probably make for a really exciting view. In your current predicament, though, it feels incredibly overbearing.

At least the two armchairs facing each other in the center of the room seem comfortable.
I believe you're town (given this is unusual), but I'd be interested to hear about your role all the same.
Heyy, good luck!

From my limited knowledge of mafia, lovers tend to function in a way where when one of them dies the other does too. In this case, it's a little different because I get a power role if you die from a Night Kill although if you get lynched I'll die too. Is this similar to what role you received? Or is it different? :)
Any idea on whether we want to breadcrumb our role? Could mention something about stealing the mansions valuables (golden room eh eh) as a joke, but I'm not sure I could pull that off.
Any idea on whether we want to breadcrumb our role? Could mention something about stealing the mansions valuables (golden room eh eh) as a joke, but I'm not sure I could pull that off.
I'm not sure, that might be for the best although I'm not the best at breadcrumbing. The last game I played I had my the first letter of every post spell out the name of my character, perhaps that's something we could both do? Or maybe I'm overthinking it and it's a terrible idea :D
Lets do this thing!
Thoughts on the rooms or early insights on other players (I have none).
Stuart seems a little suspicious to me because of one of his comments on the room. I'll post on it int he actual thread.
Since I started a mostly humerous read list for panda but decided it probably wasn't worth it I might as well post the semi-serious bits here.
Saenima (early push on Stu to answer his own questions seems pretty brave for a new scum player)

Z-Beat (Vibes, don't like it when player won't vote with there mind and it seems like he's aggresively anti-stu)
Stuart444 (Taking a really bad position when it comes to room voting, doesn't seem to care)
Grizzly (Seems to eager to pick up the town-leader position, keeping busy by having a good time with Stu)

Evidently it's unlikely that stuart and grizzly are both scum but I'm not feeling good about either of them.
Also regarding the breadcrumbs I ended up putting a very very vauge one and if you didn't see it we're probably fine about scum not getting ahold of it.
It's only something which helps me prove my relation to you if you die or may help us both out if we're pushed for a lynch, I can't see it helping you if I'm sleeping with the fishes (and therefore I'll keep it a secret :P ), also it's so vauge I'm not sure they'd accept it so it might be good to do something else, I like the idea you had, maybe have us both use mundane lines from the same song or something similar, no way to find us out but it might make them believe us if we need to claim (too wierd of a claim to be fake ect).
That's an odd breadcrumb, you being able to prove your relationship to me with something you did will be hard to prove me thinks :D

Btw I love the idea of mundane song lines. Got any fav acts?
I never said it was a good one :)

I'll look into songlines now as haven't got anything on right now, Not that much into music so it'll take some googling.

Also I now have proof that I am terrible with any kind of pressure, Girlofgotham's extremely mild push had me think I was dead meat, needed to stop myself from becoming extremely defensive (pretty sure people have mentioned that being overly defensive is a scumtell).
It can work both ways.Many town players can get annoyed as well if you're pushing them as from their point of view you're being an idiot to doubt them :P

Girlofgotham is a really good player btw, I think that push on you was mild though as you said and you should be able to navigate it XD
Thought the reasons for my vote as they probably weren't clear, here's hoping she's on our side!
Not going to put this in the thread but my read on Z-Beat started about an hour into the game and I asked my mentor about whether an early vote was a good idea, they haven't had a chance to be active so far this game so the thoughts about it have been slowly consuming me, getting dangerously close to a zeke-tunnel mindset.
Also first breadcumbing idea of many:
The theme for bionicle 2007, 'creeping in my soul' has these as it's final couple lines, 'hear my call' (could be a jokey line trying to get people to vote for a room) and 'And I'll always believe' (i.e. I'll always believe that scum are just bussing on dark Room to avoid any kind of look through previous room choices bites them)
This is probably the stupidest song choice possible so no one will pick up on it and the lines are right next to eachother so if we bring it up it's pretty solid evidence.

More likely I'm just going crazy...
Second breadcrumb idea:
Beyonce's 'Crazy in love' (which also signals that we are lovers)
Has the lines
Yeah, history in the making (could be used for enthusiasm for some wierd event)
Part two, it's so crazy right now (part 2 can be altered for day 2)
Call your name two or three times in a row (this could be done by repeating someones name 3 times in a row?)
Such a funny thing for me to try to explain (prefaces something you have difficulty describing)

I said there would be many suggestions, but it turns out there are only 2 good songs in existence, so why bother?
Ok one relfection the bionicle song is less amusing and more pathetic, so we should probably get rid of that option.

Have you got any more reads to share, I'm working on mine but the main scum are Z-Beat and Grizzly, Town reads are Saenima (NOT A STRONG ONE) and maybe *Splinter? I worry that I'm agreeing with him too much, to the point that I was worried he was trying to pocket me and he immediately back tracked on his town read of me.

Currently I don't think either of us are being particularly town read which isn't great, but it's early game yet.
Sorry, I'm working a 10 hour shift but we'll have more free time in a bit. I like the Beyonce idea and we can try to figure it out a bit later, Day2 is probably when we need to go about it really if neither of us get NK

I'm not too sure on reads, D1 is pretty difficult (although later in the game looking back at D1 can reveal a lot more). Stuart , Zipped and Godfather are scumleaning for me. Grizzly has tried to lead things, but I don't think that's scummish (personally I think it's more of a town move). I most likely will turn in an hour or so before day end so I'll try to read back and see if I can update my reads by then.

I think we're fine for now, we're nowhere near being lynched.
That was too close. Sucks that we lynched a townie, but I'm more confident of my reads now. I think Godfather is scum
I'll definitely take a look at that, my reads have been sent into a bit of a tumble, scum was definitely up for grabs and if they weren't we're not in a great place right now.
So glad I'm a mason right now, we're probably the only town members who can talk through the massive amount of stress that caused haha.
Had some time this morning so looked through Grizzly's posts, think these are a general sense of his reads

Turmoil7 (based on melon?)
Stuart (didn't think it would be a good idea to lynch them so early, heavily criticized bus on them)

Godfather (didn't think it would be a good idea to lynch them so early)
girlofgotham (normal behavior so far, NAI)

Aeleus (Hasn't had much interaction with me, but called out my hesitation to vote for him)

Devious (Heavy side eye, so put them in scum but might just be lean scum)

Didn't seem to give reads on many players, which is a bit of a shame. Also who do you think will die tonight? My bet is on Stuart.
Oh also Grizzly when you read this, sorry for getting your reads so terribly wrong and for voting on you, got a bit overwhelmed at the end there, should have stuck with my gut on Kaz rather than stick with my previous read.
READLIST IN CASE I DIE (I know I won't but it's good form regardless)
Stuart444 (I like his posts and I like his style, I trust in him, myself and grizzly's reads, HUZZAH! In all seriousness this will probably change if he isn't dead haha)
Saenima (previous town reads remain, seems like he's trying to solve the game, while they voted on melon, it was the one which looked the best given it was the first)

Lean Town:
kopite (Can't really tell apart inactives but grizzly leant town on them so I'm trusting him with that) JUST KIDDING MY LOVE <3
BronsonLee (memey but trying to solve the game, will be more wary if he doesn't step up his game but town read for now)
Turmoil (I thought the push on melon was scummy but has since done nothing of interest, didn't like their vote on Grizzly, least favourable townish read)
*Splinter (Before Grizzly died they were a much higher town read (I think I hoped to have someone to positively compare my views to) but they might just be good scum, I'll be viewing every action of there's with several buckets of salt)

Muffin (I'd consider them Z-Beat lite which in a way makes me more wary of them but they're probably town)
Lux (another inactive, Grizzly seemed to scum read them but didn't vote them for survival so his opinion might have changed, null for now)
Stan (due to timezones hasn't been that active and while I agree with his opinions on dealing with inactives that's ultimately NAI, probably town)
girlofgotham (Apparently this is normal behavior for her so far so NAI, vote history isn't bad, let's see what happens when she gives some reads)
Zipped (Hasn't actually posted much if you don't count the room wierdness but there's people I view as scummy voting for him, so I'm interested to see what happens with him)
Kalor (Gives me towny vibes but that's just about it, don't dislike anything they've done but they're still null)
Fat4All (Posts a lot but still have no vibes, of the three muskateers (along with Hecht and B-Dubs) they're the scummiest but I'm wary of the other people who call them scum)
B-Dubs (Posts a lot but still have no vibes, the middelest of the trio)
Hecht (Posts a lot but still have no vibes, towniest of the trio, seemed genuine in his feelings on the EOD vote madness but if Grizzly and Lux were both town, seems a good way to get town points)
Weemadarthur (Null for the mosts part, slight towny vibes, want to hear from her about voting Grizzly, what happened there?)

Lean Scum:
Godfather (If it isn't Kaz they were trying to save, it's probably godfather, they're placed here basically so they take priority in my mind, closest to a null read out of their companions)
Z-Beat (previous reads aren't disrupted but they aren't in my focus right now, don't want to tunnel)
FEP (not much content and those EOD votes were hella wierd, seems to experienced to try and do that as scum but wouldn't trust him with a pencil sharpener, let alone a pen)
Kitsunelaine (The direct didn't have any animal crossing, but given there's a reasonable chance you're scum, I don't care. Another talks lot but says nothing, but in the same place as Fat4All when it comes to my fear of her voters, but I do get scummy vibes from her)

SaucyKaz (This is the person I believe scum wanted to save, also was on the wierd melon push)
Devious (Looked back at there posts and I am not a fan, I'm going to push them and Kaz straight out of the gate, only thing which stops them being scum is scum wouldn't let a team mate be so scummy)

If I forgot someone that's a really bad sign for them so they're automatically put as lean scum

And if I do somehow die, keep up the good fight! You can do this! I'll be watching over you! That kinda stuff.
Put out a breadcrumb for beyonce with "Call your name two or three times in a row" so if you could find a good way of putting a line in naturally when you're posting that'd be great, congratulations on surviving by the way.
I got a PM saying I've been silenced and can't place a vote today. I think that means I'm dead unfortunately :(
Give me everything you go kopite, if I'm going down with you, I'll inform town about all of your opinions.
I'll be honest and say this leaves a bad taste in my mouth, we got fucked over.
I was worried something like this had happened, was happy to see the notification pop us here, talk about a fucking kick in the teeth lol
I really thought we'd survive long game, it means your reads were good enough that you were a d1 kill for maf, hopefully, mafia also knows what the rooms do, I may be pushing the boat but lets see if we can make people explain their reasoning and get them into a trap.
Aeleus, sorry that I sorta cut short your first game :(

Do you think we should just be honest with the rest ASAP? Or do we wait a little to see what pops up and to not dominate conversation ASAP?
I let people talk for a while but I just brought it up as a theory, I'm worried that if I do it too late I'll just be dismissed or even lynched haha, want me to focus my push on Godfather?
Regarding the game being shut short, can't blame you for being good enough to bebe target by scum just unlucky with the mechanics.
Look at there reactions haha, that was such a bad move to make, sorry wasn't really sure how to deal with it
I take that back, thinking about it I was aleaal going to get those reactions no matter when I made the post.
Hey Aeleus I just realised that I can post just not vote GAHHHHHHH.

I think I should just come out and just reveal everything. They should believe us because no way scum would just so stupidly give themselves up. I will wait for you to reply to this if you're cool with it, and if you are lets just go out guns blazing and put town in the best possible position :)
@Brazil you should have let us know! I feel like such a fool! Had a really good game by the way (I'm only counting day 1) and all the mechanics and roles seemed fun, looking forward to spectating it :)
@Brazil you should have let us know! I feel like such a fool! Had a really good game by the way (I'm only counting day 1) and all the mechanics and roles seemed fun, looking forward to spectating it :)
I honestly thought Kopite hadn't posted yet because he was just frustrated. I didn't know he thought he wasn't able to post. I'm sorry :(

You're not dead yet, though! Go get them :D
No worries in reality, made me laugh. Also as my kind of final words for this chat, I'd like to thank Kopite for being such a good sport and kind of being a second mentor for me. Answered a lot of questions Roy didn't have time for and gave me good advice and support. A real star player :)
(I hope so much Z-Beat is scum)
Glad you had fun Aeleus, wish we had spent more time together. I'm sorry I wasn't as active as I would've liked, you put a lot of effort in trying to discuss our reads and I wish I did. Hope to play with you soon!