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Awww yiss mothafuckin' breadcrumbs
B-Dubs voting history:

Day 1
Queen Kong then switched to WSD (S)

Day 2
Sawneeks (T)

Day 3
No vote (Think was a RL thing?)

Day 4
Z-Beat (T) then Malus (S)

Day 5
Z-Beat (T)

Day 6
Z-Beat (T)

This dude as mainly voted for town while he voted for WSD, it was a vote that never took off and was one oreo also made.

Let's look at his reasoning.

QK was a joke prod vote. He totally forgot he voted for her too and only dropped it not long before voting for WSD.
WSD was only because he wasn't contributing much and because he didn't post for a whole day.
Sawneeks because he suspsected her or Chuggs of trying to kill more town by voting Meatwad.
Z-beat because he thought flavor talk was useless in scumhunting. Day 4
Malus after the fact check but he actually unvoted because we wanted to prevent a turbo. He never revoted.
Day 5 was suspicious of QK but felt it was just more flavor talk (again this dude really hates flavor discussion of any kind) He still voted Z without explaining why.
Day 6 Stan's reveal and he voted Z.

Also on the Reki fact check he was most suspicious of these three:
In no particular order:


malus is due to leftover suspicion from WSD and his sorta claim
exodus because he lied and his story keeps changing, the whole thing strikes me as scummy even if he did come clean
z-beat due to the focus on flavor that doesn't really do anything for us in terms of scum hunting


Awww yiss mothafuckin' breadcrumbs
Only townies or at least people we assume are have voted for him. Chuggs and QK have voted the most for him, but also confirmed townies nin, Z, and wee.


Awww yiss mothafuckin' breadcrumbs
Just finished my read on B-Dubs and I am tired, however somethings I noticed. He has mainly tunneled on Exodus, was always on WSD's case, is against flavor talk until it was useful in getting Z-Beat out. Also while he supported Stan's weird flavor claim against Z-Beat, he was still suspicious of Stan which will make it easy for him to claim that Stan is actually scum later.

Another point, I wonder if scum will let QK live another night to take out the last unanswered thread which is what powers do we have. We obviously avoided any promptings to say what it is (because holy fuck what do we do? They are going to be Hella suspicious when they hear we have similar to not one but two different powers.)


Awww yiss mothafuckin' breadcrumbs
Anyways Here is the data I collected on B-Dubs:
  • Day 1
  • Prod vote on QK
  • Suspicious of Exodus
  • unvotes QK
  • Votes WSD siting his low post activity
  • Thinks a half human half gem would be neutral even though Stevonnie or any fusion with Steven would be town I'm sure
  • More or less just throwing more shit onto Exodus
  • Day 2
  • Still on exodus' case
  • Smashes Meatwad claiming it'll change things up a bit and give us info. Kills two townies as a result
  • Immediately turns it around putting the blame on anyone that was scumreading both meat and sae
  • Main suspects are Saw (T) Chuggs, Oreo (S) and Nin (T)
  • Chuggs and Saw are suspects becaue voted for townies together two days in a row
  • FIne with either Chuggs or Saw flipping but wants saw first
  • Thinks scum has a day power to counter his
  • Argues he was moving the game along with the meat smash, but he regrets it because he killed two instead of one
  • In response to you, agrees that he's sugilite but refuses to talk about flavor
  • Says he's town nad didn't disclose how many smashes he has (claims later was trying to bait a NK)
  • States again Flavor is pointless (This has proven false a bunch this game) and wants people to focus on the meat flip
  • Calls Bullshit on exodus' powers being more complicated
  • Day 3
  • Was preferring to vote Oreo over nin (never does) Calls out WSD for not even having 30 posts (WSD never posted that day) Wants to vote there, but doesn't think train will take off
  • (Most of his suspects have been WSD (S) and Exodus, with the occasional Chuggs or Saw (T) so far)
  • Wants to keep nin around because of his ability and doesn't trust Saw (T)
  • Suspicious of exo but not willing to kill him (why he chose Meat over him) He also didn't pick Devious because he was a null read (Devious was scum)
  • Doesn't vote possibly do to RL issues so won't judge him there, just focusing on what he did do that day
  • Day 4
  • Thinks Saw protected the NK target with the vest when it was the Lightning rod.
  • Points out that Saw was suspicious of WSD and oreo (Both scum)
  • Agrees that WSD is suspicious but wants to hear what malus has to say
  • Interrogated malus, wondering why he's now saying his ability runs counter to exo's when WSD never did
  • Says he was suspect of Exo because of his day 2
  • His smash has to be public because he is unable to hide his powers (he's too big)
  • Main suspects for Reki's fact check: Malus (S), Exodus, and Z-beat (T) which is consistent.
  • Thinks flavor talk is pointless and that's why he's suspicious of Z
  • Votes for Z-beat, Thinks Exodus is lying about his flavor condition but won't vote for him
  • He voted just to have one ? Fine with Z or Exo train (even though malus was one of his suspects)
  • Keeps telling Reki to pick whoever they are scum reading the most and go with it (maybe hoping they don't pick a scummate since Reki was thinking of picking Ket)
  • Votes for Malus, then unvotes to prevent a turbo
  • Day 5
  • Wondering why no one died.
  • Theorizes that malus made a soft claim thinking he'd get nearly lunched but wouldn't due to his power, so the next day would be focused on him again.
  • He thinks it was all a scum ploy to distract from something bigger
  • I ask who he was trying to protect, and he keeps insisting it was just to stall the game not protect anyone
  • Calls QK's claim about her powers Flavor stuff and votes Z-Beat
  • Was pretty sure Saw hadn't given out the cop check because she'd want to make sure town got it.
  • Suspicious of Neon's cop check siting PirateBae in last game. Tells us scum make stupid big risk plans sometimes
  • on exodus' case again
  • Sites a reason he's town is because he voted for malus... when everyone else was.
  • Thinks Exo is still lying and his power is too convuluted.
  • Regrets killing meat over WSD saying he would have if he could before malus replaced him.
  • Claims he baited a NK but scum probably left him alive so they could throw suspicion on him
  • Defends Stan saying that even if he is actualy scum, he always gets scumread for not being around EoD.
  • Throwing suspicion on Stan thinking he's a neutral hoping to win after the mass claim. Not against a mass claim
  • Surprised powers are so dependent on flavor
  • Thinks someone is lying unless there is no steven
  • Exo is suspicious for have a restriction as the only fusion
  • Suspicious of Exo and QK for having limits due to flavor.
  • Counter to him possibily being neutral is that he is town that's it
  • Thinks there are 5 total scum
  • Tries to throw suspicion on those who haven't claimed power roles yet (Stan, Ket, loki, and Z-Beat)
  • Removes Ket from list when i point out she got cop checked by neon.
  • Helps Stan with his suspicious flavor claim on Z-Beat
  • Votes Z-beat
  • Wonders why Z was so focused on flavor and if it's a scum ploy
  • Against a turbo until we hear from Z-Beat
  • "No matter what we are in endgame now"


Awww yiss mothafuckin' breadcrumbs
He's going to try and throw suspicion on Stan, but I think also QK since he convinced her powers wouldn't be that complicated (like he is of exodus) and he has mentioned being suspicious of her in the past.

He may even try and throw suspicion on me for not power claiming and helping prove Stan's argument.

Anyways I'm super fucking tired even though i took a nap, and while I did the read on B-Dubs I do not have the energy to do one on Stan. Right now B-Dubs comes off as a townie that hasn't helped much or scum that's been coasting through the game because he "Accidentally" killed town. Zeke was annoyed no one was suspicious of him as was Z-beat, while WSD and malus both town read him.

Either way I'm setting my alarm for 10. We'll find out thn if I have the shot and if I do I will probably use it on him unless we can ifnd a better suspect. If we live, i'll look over Stan more. Personally I like the plan of you maybe focusing on Stan and i focus on B-Dubs.

As for our power claim, either we go all out take a risk and just full claim completely in hopes everyone believes us, or I at least claim potential vig so we can bring up that discussion on how the game seems to have more than one player with the same powers.


Awww yiss mothafuckin' breadcrumbs

I've already laid out how I feel about Stan last night and in the thread during the day, but this role is strange and makes me wonder what the goal is. Since flavor does seem to be tied to alignment and roles, a flavor cop could be useful but the hints that he's been receiving have not been enough to figure out anyone's flavor specifically and instead might help him call out a few contradictions like B-dubs' hint letting him know that he's a fusion or a gem. It's worth noting that Stan has used this power 5 times, so it does not seem to have a limit. It's a weak power that could be a counter to something like a scum tracker but it's strange. It's all just vague enough that I'm not sure I believe it yet, and if he's not dead tomorrow I'm going to dig deeper here.

B-dubs has never felt extremely town to me but I've been giving him a lot of benefit of the doubt since he is a DayVig and the odds of that being scum are not high. If it's meant to be a counter to town protection roles, we have a 2-shot jailer and a doctor who can't actually protect half of town, so I'm not sure that this is necessary. It is worth noting here that a scum strongshot has not flipped yet though. And Loved is an odd role for a scum to have, so this could be a bit odd too
I feel like this would be an interesting point to bring up with everyone if we live. We should spent part of the day discussing how the power balance works in this game, and part of that could come from us full role claiming. We take a risk since killing both of us hurts town massively at this point, but them at least knowing I can be a vig will help this discussion.

We just won't mention what my conditions are for being a vig, just that i have them.


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Lol here's my post from yesterday. I saved it as a draft only to not be able to post it or have access to it at all because the thread got locked.

Looking at Stan now and he def hinted about his role being flavor based, because he argued day 1 that flavor has a point in this game in small doses when used properly (aka given to it in hints), and on day 2 you said he was strangely intrigued by all this flavor talk. Only two flips had convinced him flavor is connected enough to the power roles.

At this point I'm really willing to believe that he is a flavor cop as those hints are way too weird for him to just create, but his alignment is what I'm questioning and honestly what should be focused on today.

His Zeke vote was justified as he set up his reasoning early but that could be done on purpose

As for his stances on scum:
Zeke: thought he was paranoid like usual but ended up voting for him


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Here are all possible scenarios right now.

6 People left.

If there are two scum
1. They kill us to win, but shoot me and win.
2. They kill us to win, but shoot you, I get my shot and hit town. They win.
3. They kill us to win, but shoot you, I get my shot and hit scum, Town has one last chance to win. (3 people left 2 town and 1 scum)
4. For some fucking reason they let us live so town will lunch us, 5 people left then town lunches us and they win. :/

If there is one scum
1. He shoots me to get us out of the way (least likely) 4 people left 3:1 scum not an idea situation.
2. He shoots you to get us out of the way (least likely) I get the shot and shoot incorrectly 3 people left 2:1. Better chances for scum
3. He shoots you to get us out of the way (least likel), I get the shot and shoot correctly. Town wins! (Best hope for us LOL)
4. He Lets us live (Most likely), town lunches us 4 People left, he kills another town 3 left next day 2:1 Better chance for scum
5. He lets us live (most likely), town doesn't lunch us and we get scum. Town wins!
6. He lets us live (most likely), town doesn't lunch us but we kill town, 4 left, he kills us and wins.


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Our only fucking hope if we live is to point out these scenarios tomorrow at the very beginning and hope the remaining townies believe us and are willing to listen.

I have a fear scum will let us live because of how scummy we appear now. Especially because B-Dubs questioned us about the shot and scum might now think it's a counter to us getting NK'd which may make them less wary to kill us.


Awww yiss mothafuckin' breadcrumbs

Either way we have two things we have to do tonight. Figure out who the fuck is the last scum(s) so I can shoot correctly if we get the shot.

And find a way to prevent town from lunching us immediately as the day starts.


Awww yiss mothafuckin' breadcrumbs
As for who is scum I have no fucking clue at this point. I'm going to have to go back over everyone I guess and see who is it is because it definitely could be anyone. I just wish town was more willing to talk with us about this shit because we didn't really. Most of the focus was on us and we didn't get much actual scum hunting done.


Awww yiss mothafuckin' breadcrumbs
Lol here's my post from yesterday. I saved it as a draft only to not be able to post it or have access to it at all because the thread got locked.

Looking at Stan now and he def hinted about his role being flavor based, because he argued day 1 that flavor has a point in this game in small doses when used properly (aka given to it in hints), and on day 2 you said he was strangely intrigued by all this flavor talk. Only two flips had convinced him flavor is connected enough to the power roles.

At this point I'm really willing to believe that he is a flavor cop as those hints are way too weird for him to just create, but his alignment is what I'm questioning and honestly what should be focused on today.

His Zeke vote was justified as he set up his reasoning early but that could be done on purpose

As for his stances on scum:
Zeke: thought he was paranoid like usual but ended up voting for him
Just realized my stupid post got cut in half even after I saved the draft. Thanks draft system. thanks.


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Chuggs was the third train on day 2, if he wa scum why did Zeke get voted out of the three unless Chuggs' power is better than Zekes so they let Zeke go, but why not just let oreo die then? He could be lying about being Garnet or he could be telling the truth since Sug was in the game as was Amethyst.

He green checked Exodus which links the two, but is it possible the check was faked somehow so Chuggs got a false reading? Besides us, his power is the only ability that can't be proven.

Zeke was always on his case trying to get him out and he was scumreading oreo since day 2. He was prett suspicious of B-Dubs for most of the game (voted for him 3 times) But I was too. It's weird how we had the same scum reads and votes, but part of that is probably because I town read Chuggs, I was trusting his opinions on people.

He's never lead a train on something at least out of the trains that have taken off.

Let's see day 1 he was suspicious of Zeke, but null on WSD and oreo. He focused on oreo from day 2 on word. He scum read WSD on day 2.


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In someway i hope there are two scum let because then I get a 50/50 shot of killing scum. Mind you I get a 50/50 shot of getting the shot in the first place. :/ I thought us both being the vig would make it less obvious hoping scum would pick you possibly (I somehow doub this)
Sorry I haven't posted much. I have been reading it the whole time though.

I think if Exo is scum, then Chuggernaut probably is too. And in the event that we end up thinking they're both scum, it would probably be best to shoot Chuggernaut to lead town to victory there. If there's only 1 scum left, then it could still be Chuggernaut and he's trying to skate by on green checks since they're easier to pocket people with. If we think that Chuggs received a false reading, then that would require a Bus Driver or a Godfather. I don't think Exo can be a Double Voter Godfather, and if scum have a Bus Driver, I'm not sure where they directed it to and I'm not sure how that would fit into the scum team's powers. I think that we're on the right path here, and I'm going to see if I can find any reads lists from Chuggernaut.

Notably, I found this.

Anyway, as far as Malus and Exodus go, I'm inclined to believe Exodus is town as of now, which makes me think that claim from Malus is some phony bologna. I would check one of those two if you're going to check someone.
Chuggernaut claims to have Checked Exodus on Night 2 due to the Lightning Rod that happened, and this happened on Day 4. If he knows that Exodus is town based on his own reads, why wouldn't he suggest Malus on his own instead of someone he's unsure about and someone who he knows is town?

If town let us live, we'll just have to make sure we're there for Day Start so that whoever the other town members are don't turbo before we can really look at things.


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Interesting point you found and def something to bring up if we lived. Neon keeps pointing out how similar my votes have been to Chuggs, and I was slightly wondering if Chuggs was doing that on purpose??? Someone put forward that maybe I was setting him up by copying him, but what if it's the other way around.

I'll be honest i let my own bias on thinking he's town make me think he was the whole game without really considering it.


Awww yiss mothafuckin' breadcrumbs
As for the start of the day if we live, I'm going to put together a new version of all possibilities not including my shot. I'm going to try and convince them not to lunch us until we've discussed things thoroughly based on how close we are to losing especially if they lunch us.


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Chuggs or Exo being scum does make sense in a way, Exo has been fighting people all game but even then his day 1 claim might be a decent cover ebcause at this point most people are giving him a pass.

Out of the people left, the one I'm most okay with is Neon, though even then I'm unsure about him.
It's also weird that he claims to have used both shots in the first 2 nights but never gave us the info until we asked for a mass claim. Green checks aren't as exciting as red ones but that's a weird thing to take to the grave when your power is all used up that early.


Awww yiss mothafuckin' breadcrumbs
Yeah that is a bit weird, but maybe he was going to claim if he was going t- wait he almost got lunched on day 2, you'd think he would have done it then.

I need to go back and look at his sudden change on Saw. He claims it's because he checked her n1 but maybe this was part of his plan.


Awww yiss mothafuckin' breadcrumbs
Chuggs day 1 list
Actual read list time!

Sawneeks: I was kind of liking her post at the start, but I'm less sure about her at this point. Doubling down on the LP vote seemed weird to me and I'm not a huge fan of her just immediately town reading Exodus for his NAI claim at best. I've been kicking around a world where scum Neeks is trying to pocket a town Exodus there. I'm leaning scum on my former boat friend, and that bums me out.

Ketkat: Have really liked what I've seen from her so far. She seems to be scum hunting and I'm liking the questions she's asking. This can be faked especially this early in the game, but I have her as a town lean for now.

Zeke: I'm kind of just seeing what I can get from his interactions with others at this point. I've found myself nodding along to a few of his post, but again, dude can sneaky. Null for now.

Loki: My opinion hasn't really changed here. She feels like new town.

Stan: Hasn't done too much. Null for now.

LP: LP has been LPing it up. Null for now.

nin: I really haven't liked what I've seen of nin so far. I wanted to give him some time to see if he would come up with some reads since last time I read him and now, but there's still not much there other then who he would info flip. And even with that, I don't think info flipping Kong would tell us all that much. Lean scum.

Saenima: Some prodding questions here and there, but there's not much there otherwise. Would like to see more from him. Null.

Meatwad: Not a fan of him being all "Chugg's can be tricky as scum." for reasons I've explained. Not sure if that's lying scum or remembering wrong town. Very slight scum lean. Want to see more from him.

Z-Beat: Some prodding and poking here and there, and some discussion of game mechanics, but I'm getting slight townie feels here that I can't quite pinpoint. Slight town lean.

Exodus: I'm not a fan of this claim here. Especially the way he made it out to be like he was being scum read by a bunch of people which really wasn't true. There's really not too much here otherwise except him saying I'm more active here then I was during day 1 in our last game (Something I don't think is true, but eh.) I don't see me voting for him today, but I'm keeping an eye on him.

Neon: Seems to be a bit more bold then the other newbies, but I think he mentioned that this isn't the first time he's played mafia so that makes sense. If there is scum among the newbies, then I feel like it's most likely to be here, but I've liked his post so far. Lean town.

Wee: This is the only thing making me unsure of my Neeks read, because I'm not super thrilled with Wee's posts either. I have no idea where that LP defense is coming from at all. That exchange between them and Neeks soured me on both of them, to be honest.

Oreo: Not much there. Haven't played with him before either so I don't know what to think about that. Give me more, man. Null for now.

Devious: The same exact situation as Oreo. Want more from both of them.

Queen Kong: Seems like inexperienced town. Town for me.

B-Dubs: Not much here, but I've liked what he has to say about Exodus. Very tiny hint of a town lean. Want to hear his current thoughts.

Reki: Probably my strongest town lean so far. I played with town Reki last game and she doesn't feel any different as of now.

Anyway, this list is super duper subject to change. Activity being kind of low and day 1 being day 1 is having me struggle to get a grasp on the game. There's way too many nulls in my list right now and I'm not a fan of that. Leaning towards a Neeks or nin kill as of now, but if someone wants to make a persuasive argument for one of my nulls I would be glad to hear it.
Opinion on Saw verse Wee and the vote

I went through and reread Saw/Wee and I'm actually liking Saw more now. I think I was reading an attachment to her LP vote that wasn't there as much as I thought it was. Wee just kind of melting away from that interaction is also concerning and their response when they came back didn't inspire too much confidence. Guess I'll just park this here.

Vote: Weemadarthur

Also, Saw's Exodus stance reminds of something I would say if I didn't just get out of love boat and her follow up posts on it felt townie to me. I don't really agree with her about it, but I see where she's coming from.
Day 2 feeling better on wee
So that brings us to the next point of conversation, what the heck happened during EOD?

We have a 19 person game and we have only 9 votes cast on the two leading wagons, one of those votes was a double so only 8 people were actually on them. Which leaves 11 people either not voting or just off on their own somewhere. You have that Devious wagon which is sitting at 3, but that didn't end up at 3 until the day was basically over. That is nuts and I'm starting to think scum might just not of cared about who died that day.

Looking at the Wee wagon, aside from me we have Neeks, who I'm feeling better about, Ketkat and Loki who are two of my top town reads, and Stan who was our other leading wagon. Stan might be scum trying to save himself here, but I don't know about all that. That vote was made when (And correct me if I'm wrong here, because the vote tool seems confused by the Exodus double vote on the timeline.) he only had the Exodus double vote on him. That just seems kind of premature for a self preserve vote (And honestly, even if it was just a vote to self preserve, that's not necessarily a scum move either.) Also Stan reminds me of Stan in the last game I played with him where I spent the last couple of day phases scum reading him and arguing for his kill. He turned out to be town, and I don't feel like going down that road again lol.

Looking at it, the Stan wagon with Exodus and Devious on it actually looks worse to me then the wagon on Wee. Aside from the dead townie, obviously.
Read on everyone day 2

Anyway, here's where I stand as of now.

Queen Kong

Reads here really haven't changed.

Lean town

Feel a bit better about Dubs then Stan and Neeks. Dubs is just giving me town Dubs vibes. Already wrote about my Neeks and Stan theory's today so I'm not doing that again.


Wasn't a huge fan of that no vote from Sae, and he really just hasn't made much of an impression. Nothing he's done as pinged my scum sense yet.

I'm feeling better about nin then I was on yesterday, but I still feel like I'm not getting much from him.

I just haven't been able to get a grasp on Oreo at all. Might need to reread him.

I was feeling alright about Neon, but just wasn't very impressed with his last big post. He just kind of parroted my theory on the LP kill, and slapped on a vote for me at the end.

Zeke scares me. When I think he's town, he's scum and when I think he's scum he's town. Not feeling great about him currently, but I just don't trust my read of him. Could probably be persuaded to vote just to figure out what his deal is.

Slight scum lean

I still think the flavor discussion is a waste of time, but I can't figure out why he's being so coy about saying what his flavor is. I'm still not much of a fan of how he played his role.

Scum lean

Z-Beat seems more interested in flavor then actually solving the game. It just straight up feels like noise to me.

I've talked about Meatwad already.

I withheld going in on the "Let's just vote out a low poster" thing because I think there's a difference between someone that's coasting and someone that's inactive because they're legitimately kind of busy, so I wanted to give Devious a chance to get back in here before I decided my read on him. I...haven't been super impressed so far. There's just not much here at all.


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He claims he got a town read which is why his opinion on her changed, but it comes more off a s him siding with her over wee day 1 then saying "Eh she might be town day 2" Mind you i also tried to downplay that you were town in my reads on you so no one would notice (Say I think your town probably but I could be wrong)

Also Neeks was weirded out that his opinion changed so much too maybe he claimed he checked her to explain it later.


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So game plan for tomorrow.

We've already discussed what's happening if I get my shot, we can go over that more before day start of course but we'll see.

Anyways if we live (which i fear is what will happen especially if there is only one scum), I think the best strategy will be to have me focus on trying to get everyone to not auto lunch us by pointing out what happens if they are wrong basically a summary of all my scenarios without our shot.

Your focus should be on trying to convince them on who is really scum (aka Chuggs) but naturally you can help me with convincing them if we need to (which we might depending on how many town are left vs scum who will be all for us being lunched), and I'll help with scum hunting more once we have convinced everyone.

There is a slight hope we can because both Neon and Exo (who we think might be scum but if he isn't then good) were willing to trust us on the previous day. Neon seems like a smart dude and will hopefully be willing to listen to reason... and exo is a bit trigger happy (which honestly will be horrible for town in the long run with us basically being on mylo/lylo depending on scum left) but he has been scumreading chuggs so maybe he'll agree???

The main issue with this part is depending on who they actually kill instead of us. If they kill Chuggs well then we were wrong and that fucking sucks. If they kill Neon then there goes our best hope of maybe convincing someone. Exo is someone i see them keeping around because he's so trigger happy (if he isn't scum that is), and Stan won't be there start of day so I'm not really concerned about having to convince him until he is, but maybe he'll listen if we live long enough. Hell maybe he did a check on me and got a decent reading that can help prove our townness (I almost asked him to but was worried scum would kill him).

Also I feel like tomorrow if we live it might be okay to reveal that our conditions involves our death without explaining how it connects, just to explain why we haven't used it yet ??? I'm not sure on this point.

Also one note about Neon i had. Everyone has been wondering if there is a Godfather in the game, but they only started doing that after Neon put the idea out there. Not saying he is one of course or that he's scum because of it, but this talk of Godfathers has really thrown off town discussion about the possible powers. Additionally in general Neon is def a mafia veteran based on how he acts (which is partly why I'm hoping we can convince him to not lunch us right away), so if he's town that might be a good thing for us.


Awww yiss mothafuckin' breadcrumbs
Anyways, I'll talk more in the morning. Let's try our best and if they still lunch us/NK us then ultimately it isn't our fault because we tried and that's ultimately what's important. XD


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Right so I just remembered that I have a thing I have to do from 10:30 to 11:45 which means my window for taking the shot will only be less than 30 minutes before I have to go do that thing :/

I'm feeling good about shooting Chuggs, but if we need to someone else better tell me sooner than later.

Also I'm hoping you'll be around for start of day because depending how long it takes for me to get back on the computer, I may be running late do to that thing, so if I can't be there i'll need you to at least tell them to please wait until I get back. :/


Awww yiss mothafuckin' breadcrumbs
Oh shit I just realized. If we live, there will be 5 people left with majority at 3. If there are two scum then that's pretty much two votes on us for sure, but all we have to do then is keep the last person from voting us. We know Stan won't be there which works because that means if he's town then we can worry about convincing him later when he's on and focus on trying to convince whoever is the town player of the three (if Chuggs, Neon, and Exo are all there that is), but if Stan is scum then that works because that's one less for sure vote on us we have to worry about.


Awww yiss mothafuckin' breadcrumbs
So Let us fucking hope that there is one scum (which I think is def the case if we live)

because of this:

5 people left, town doesn't lunch us and we lunch 1 scum = 4 people 3:1 scum. Scum for sure kills us for the win but if we get the shot and shoot correctly then we win!


Awww yiss mothafuckin' breadcrumbs
I'm actually wondering that even if there is just one scum left, he'll let us live because we are terrible people to have around for Mylo/Lylo days (because we know we are both town and will trust each others words. Stan theorized that maybe only one of us was scum, but that'd make no sense unless this is a bastard game because that means Monkey would have lied to us.) and you kill us that's two town dead instead of 1. If scum really is Chuggs then he might be trusted enough at this point he thinks he can get away with it, but I still seeing it more likely that he kills someone else, someone who seems as for sure town (like Neon >>) banking on Exo and Stan lunching us with him.
They're probably going to bank on trying to get us taken out by town. It'll give them a clear avenue to work towards while they still get someone out of the way tonight. I'm going to get some lunch, but I'll be around all day today. So, I'll be ready for day start.
We should come clean about the DayVig power though. We should tell them that the condition for it activating is if specifically one of us is nightkilled, and if people ask for more than that, we should debate telling them the truth or the opposite to try and bait out one last shot. Regardless, we shouldn't be counting on the DayVig power at this point, and we'll have to do our best to convince town to not kill us immediately.


Awww yiss mothafuckin' breadcrumbs
If we can keep them from lunching us then we have to get scum today, there is one more shot for us to get NK'd because we will get NK'd if we don't get lunched, but if we can get scum before that happens it's better to come clean. at the very least we can should say our condition is us getting nk'd?


Awww yiss mothafuckin' breadcrumbs
So first goal if we are alive:

-Prevent them from immediately lunching us. I assume and this seems likely that the NK target was Neon as he is the most town person at this point unless it's Chuggs because we were wrong. XD
- Goal two is to convince the remaining town that is up that we are town and helping us scum hunt. Scum will naturally be gunning for us, but if there is one (More likely if we live) they need the two townies to vote with them for turbo, so if we can convince one to not vote us we are good.
-This again why it's good that Stan won't be around until later today, because this means we can focus on convincing one townie then focus on him later if he is in fact town.
-If there is two scum (why would they keep us alive then), then we have to convince the last townie to not vote with them, which if again it's Stan then we have to wait for him to even get there. XD


Awww yiss mothafuckin' breadcrumbs
We also need to not put votes down to prevent turbo. If we vote on town, then scum can capitalize on this and use it to win. i think we need to try and convince everyone first of all to not vote at all.


Awww yiss mothafuckin' breadcrumbs
Either case my post with all the math for the remaining scenarios is ready to go. You can handle explaining our shot if you want, but I'll help with that if I can.