Vocal Synthesizer Thread! (Vocaloid, Utau, Alter/Ego etc)

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    Hello! Welcome to the thread where we talk all things vocal synthesizers!

    From voicebanks to merch, this is the place to just ramble about stuff related to vocal synths.

    Here are the programs I know about, the ones denoted with * are the ones I know about the best:

    CEVIO *
    Utau *
    Vocaloid *

    I know that most people I've talked with on the discord that know of Vocaloid know of the Crypton Future made voicebanks that are in the Project Diva games or Gumi, the Internet co voicebank in Project Mirai so I figured I'd use this chance to try and spread the songs done by other vocaloids that aren't as lucky to get video games to give them some love ^^.

    I'll just cover songs for vocaloid and utau just now, as while I know about the other programs and voicebanks for them, I've not actually heard much music from them.

    -- 3 songs you may not have heard of: Vocaloid --

    -- 2 songs you may not have heard of: Utau --

    (cover of a vocaloid song)