Glossary of Mafia Terms


Queen Doppelpopolis
Unsure of what a certain mafia term means or where a community phrase came from? Hopefully this guide can help!

Have a suggestion of more terms to add? Post below and we will add it to the list!​

Bastard: A term to denote a type of mafia game. Bastard games are setups that involve the gamerunner lying or divulging false information to players.

Deep wolf: A term used to refer to a suspected Mafia player that has gained the trust of Town players. Also sometimes called a ‘false town leader.’

EoD: An abbreviation for the term ‘End of Day’ to refer to the end of a Day Phase.

Hammer: When a player places a vote on another player and causes a vote majority to be reached thus ending the Day Phase is considered a ‘hammer.’

ISO: Refers to isolating a specific player’s posts in order to look at all of them at once.

ITA: Stands for ‘In Thread Action.’ Typically refers to a game mechanic that was originally introduced by Geno in Heroes vs Villains Mafia in which all players received an ITA for a 1-shot kill chance.

Lynch/Lunch: Deciding who to vote out during a Day Phase is typically called a Lynch. However, due to the racist history associated with that word many in our community have substituted it with the word ‘Lunch’ (though joking substitutions like ‘defenestrate’ are also common).

LyLo: An abbreviation for the term ‘Lynch or Lose’ which refers to the gamestate where Town must vote out Mafia during that Day Phase or else lose the game.

MafiEra: What we call our community! A combination of Mafia + ResetEra.

Meta: Refers to the shared history and knowledge of other player’s styles from having played with each other across several games. A ‘meta read’ is to base your guess of someone’s alignment from past knowledge of their games and style.

MyLo: An abbreviation for the term ‘Mislynch and Lose’ which refers to the gamestate where Town must vote out Mafia or vote No Lynch in order to not lose the game.

NAI: An abbreviation for the term Not Alignment Indicative to describe an action or post that does not indicate whether a player is Town or Mafia.

OMGUS: An abbreviation for ‘Oh My God, You Suck!’ which typically describes when a player votes someone out of retaliation for voting them.

Operation Hydro Cannon: A mafia strategy coined by Blargonaut during Love Boat Mafia. Refers to a Mafia team that purposely withholds a night kill in order to sow confusion.

POE: Process of Elimination is a strategy which attempts to find Mafia players by going after those who have not been cleared as Town in some form.

Pulling a Maple Street: Coined due to the game Maple Street Mafia by Dr. Monkey. Refers to when Town ends sequential Day Phases early via a vote believing themselves on the right path only to lose the game.

Read(s) List: A read list is a list of players left alive in the game and your current thoughts about them and their possible alignment.

Thunderdome: A term used to describe when a lynch is only between two players.

Town Hooker: A Mafia fakeclaim coined by Sorian in Love Boat 2. Refers to when a Mafia player creates a fake roleclaim convincing enough to deceive Town players and not be caught.

Turbo: A turbo is when a player reaches a majority of votes during a Day Phase thus causing the Day to end early.

W/W: An abbreviation for the term ‘Wolf/Wolf’ or ‘Werewolf/Werewolf’. This is used to associate two players together as being Werewolf/Mafia.

WIFOM: Or ‘Wine in front of me.’ A term originating from the movie Princess Bride which is used to denote when someone is trying to guess the reason for a choice a person made, when that person knew in advance that their choices would be subject to scrutiny.