Welcome Message for Modchats

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Queen Doppelpopolis
Hello and welcome to your Modchat! Here are a few things to help you run your game as smoothly as possible.

1. You can copy/paste current game rules into your OT from [https://www.outermafia.com/index.php?threads/146/]
2. If you need someone to move dead players, change players secret chats, or anything related to OuterMafia please use @OuterMafiaTeam
3. If you need any clarification on rules, are unsure how to handle a dispute, or anything else game related, please use @GameWatchers
4. Most of all - enjoy! We are here to help you out in any way we can.

Please copy and paste above into all new Modchats. Don't forget to pin it!
Not open for further replies.