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  1. heymonkey

    Gossip Thread Whisper, whisper

    This is the gossip chat. Posts will not be deleted when chats end. Keep in mind that all gossip posts will be persistent. Have fun!
  2. heymonkey

    Scum Thread Gremlin & Friends

    Hi, y'all! Welcome to the scum thread. Please feel free to post your role PMs but otherwise all quoting rules apply. One of you has a name so you won't need a fake name claim. The other two that are safe to use are Josie and David.
  3. heymonkey

    Spectator Thread Airplane! Watch Party

    Grab your popcorn and favorite snacks. The show's about to start!
  4. heymonkey

    Scum Thread The Rise of Capitalism

    Welcome to the scum thread, capitalist pigs! Time to bring the Joja Corporation to power! Trade information amongst yourselves. Should you need them, your fake claims are: Alex Elliott Emily Haley
  5. heymonkey

    Fun on the Farm

    Welcome to spec for Stardew Valley! Maybe not always the most exciting game to watch on stream, so we've jazzed it up a bit by adding a lot of murder. Be nice, be cool, cheer on your faves, do some solving, you know how it goes.
  6. heymonkey

    Pair Thread This Chat Is Made of Love

    Welcome! You two have found each other at last. As a result, you have gained a night-only chat... but you've also become Lovers, which means if one of you dies, you both die. Be careful out there. This thread will be locked during the day phase, but you'll still have read access.
  7. heymonkey

    Pair Thread Break Room

    Hello, Lars and Sadie, and welcome to the Big Donut break room, where you can retreat after a long day of donut-making (and mafia) to watch horror movies and chat. You are LOVERS - but since you haven't really admitted it to anyone (including yourselves) you can only use this thread during the...
  8. heymonkey

    Scum Thread Blue Diamond's Palanquin

    Welcome, Homeworld gems! You may post your role PMs in this thread only (or just summarize, up to you), and you may post your commands in here as well. Your fake claims, should you need them, are: Garnet Alexandrite Smoky Quartz Onion
  9. heymonkey

    Spectator Thread Pizza Party!

    Welcome to the Steven Universe spec thread, hosted by yours truly at the delicious and only a little weird Fish Stew Pizza! Come get some every-topping pizza! edit: yikes this is a big pic
  10. heymonkey

    Strategy, plans, discussions, oh my!

    Let's talk tactics! I'LL START: leaving early breadcrumbs about your PR can be really obvious and make you a scum target. When and how did we get so into breadcrumbs? Second: after a scum lynch, I always look at the last three (approximately, depending on size of game) votes on the scum, and...
  11. heymonkey

    Priority System Discussion

    Placeholder for explanatory text to come later.
  12. heymonkey

    Gossip Thread Neighbor Chat

    Welcome! You are neighbors and this is your chat. All game rules apply here (no insults, pronouns matter, no posting PMs, etc.). Have fun!
  13. heymonkey

    Scum Thread Alien Observation Deck

    Welcome to the scum thread! You may share PM info here and also post night commands here. Should you need them, your fake claim names are Richard and Ellen (one of you already has a name). Good luck, scummies.
  14. heymonkey

    Spectator Thread Twilight Zone Watch Party

    Welcome to the spec thread! For now, please tag spoilers.
  15. heymonkey


    Smaller game, 13-16 players, based loosely on the old Twilight Zone episode THE MONSTERS ARE DUE ON MAPLE STREET.
  16. heymonkey

    Scum Thread Vampires, vampires, vampires... and some other folks, oh my!

    Welcome to BUFFY MAFIA (the high school years!) You're the scum team. Don't worry, you're still stylish. Well, some of you. Here's your pool of safe fake claims: Joyce Anya Harmony (this is pre-vampire Harmony) Jonathan Jenny Calendar Kendra Wesley Wyndam-Price Percy and then like, randos...
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