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Only other thing that I can think of is whether or not the sample PM is a carbon copy of the vanilla townie PM. Probably won't be a problem since discussing PMs are frowned upon, but I'll throw it out there.

Aside from that, it gets a green light from me!


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Mine haven't been in the other games I have designed - the opening is structured similarly but not exact, as here. I like my PM jokes.


Yes, it doesn't matter. Neither of my games had the vanilla townie PM as the sample. I also like my PM jokes.

If you want to you can just post the vanilla townie PM in the scum chat to avoid that.


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Again, I've never really payed too much attention to that before so I'm not concerned if it is SOP.

I don't think anything else needs to be done in that case!


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I was focused on the current game but I was following the conversation here when possible and talking with monkey. Thank you two for reviewing our game!
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