Glossary of Mafia Terms

Unsure of what a certain mafia term means or where a community phrase came from? Hopefully this guide can help!

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Bastard: A term to denote a type of mafia game. Bastard games are setups that involve the gamerunner lying or divulging false information to players.

Deep wolf: A term used to refer to a suspected Mafia player that has gained the trust of Town players. Also sometimes called a ‘false town leader.’

EoD: An abbreviation for the term ‘End of Day’ to refer to the end of a Day Phase.

Hammer: When a player places a vote on another player and causes a vote majority to be reached thus ending the Day Phase is considered a ‘hammer.’

ISO: Refers to isolating a specific player’s posts in order to look at all of them at once.

ITA: Stands for ‘In Thread Action.’ Typically refers to a game mechanic that was originally introduced by Geno in Heroes vs Villains Mafia in which all players received an ITA for a 1-shot kill chance.

MafiEra: What we call our community! A combination of Mafia + ResetEra.

Meta: Refers to the shared history and knowledge of other player’s styles from having played with each other across several games. A ‘meta read’ is to base your guess of someone’s alignment from past knowledge of their games and style.

NAI: An abbreviation for the term Not Alignment Indicative to describe an action or post that does not indicate whether a player is Town or Mafia.

OMGUS: An abbreviation for ‘Oh My God, You Suck!’ which typically describes when a player votes someone out of retaliation for voting them.

Operation Hydro Cannon: A mafia strategy coined by Blargonaut during Love Boat Mafia. Refers to a Mafia team that purposely withholds a night kill in order to sow confusion.

POE: Process of Elimination is a strategy which attempts to find Mafia players by going after those who have not been cleared as Town in some form.

Pulling a Maple Street: Coined due to the game Maple Street Mafia by Dr. Monkey. Refers to when Town ends sequential Day Phases early via a vote believing themselves on the right path only to lose the game.

Read(s) List: A read list is a list of players left alive in the game and your current thoughts about them and their possible alignment.

Thunderdome: A term used to describe when a lynch is only between two players.

Town Hooker: A Mafia fakeclaim coined by Sorian in Love Boat 2. Refers to when a Mafia player creates a fake roleclaim convincing enough to deceive Town players and not be caught.

Turbo: A turbo is when a player reaches a majority of votes during a Day Phase thus causing the Day to end early.

*Vote Out/Voted Out: A term used to describe who to remove during a Day Phase.

W/W: An abbreviation for the term ‘Wolf/Wolf’ or ‘Werewolf/Werewolf’. This is used to associate two players together as being Werewolf/Mafia.

WIFOM: Or ‘Wine in front of me.’ A term originating from the movie Princess Bride which is used to denote when someone is trying to guess the reason for a choice a person made, when that person knew in advance that their choices would be subject to scrutiny.
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* - Due to the racist history associated with the original word used to describe voting someone out of the game it has been replaced in our rules and documents. Below are the original descriptions for the original term, 'Lynch', in a mafia game.
Lynch: Deciding who to vote out during a Day Phase is typically called a Lynch.

LyLo: An abbreviation for the term ‘Lynch or Lose’ which refers to the gamestate where Town must vote out Mafia during that Day Phase or else lose the game.

MyLo: An abbreviation for the term ‘Mislynch and Lose’ which refers to the gamestate where Town must vote out Mafia or vote No Lynch in order to not lose the game.
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