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Q: Why does Outer Mafia exist?
A: When playing Mafia online, it's important to have a place where certain conversations can happen away from the rest of the game. For example, the Mafia need a place to scheme. On ResetEra, we can't guarantee that players won't have access to those threads, so we needed a separate place to host those discussions.

"This is more like the pretty cool summer house you and your friends go to during the summer break to do things your parents aren't OK with."

Q: Can you tell me the history of Outer Mafia?
A: When Crab began the Mafia community on NeoGAF, he hosted the external chats on a website called QuickTopic, which created single-use discussion threads. The site was fine for a start, but it was light on features and not at all user friendly. After season 3 of NeoGAF Mafia, RetroMG took it upon himself to create the first version of Outer Gafia with the help of Cherry Bomb. This site worked better, but still lacked some features. In Early October of 2017, Retro created Outer Gafia, the site you are currently reading. In late October of 2017, NeoGAF went down in flames due to accusations levied against it's owner, and the NeoGAF Mafia community moved to ResetEra. Leaving the Gafia name behind, the site was renamed to Outer Mafia.

Q: I want my own board to create a game/shout at the walls/whatever.
A: Contact the Outer Mafia team to have a board set up.
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