Candy Swap 2021 Edition


Chilean German Madman

Hello Fellow MafiaEra members,
Since last 2017s candy swap went pretty good i think its time to revive this sharing is caring practice :)

Even though i knew how long package would take to be shipped from one part of the world to the other, the time window i thought was okay at that time still was too short for some. Thats why i decided to start it even sooner. Hopefully because of that most if not all Candies will arrive around the November early December timeframe.
We are avoiding the christmas chaos ;)

So without further ado

Welcome to the third Candy Swap , THE place to swap Candy. But, why limit it to just Candy when you can swap other sweet things too? I'm talking about Candy, Cookies/Biscuits, Pastries, Chips/Crisps, Soft Drinks, anything you Desire!

Of course the purpose is to organize swapping of sweets between members from different countries so that we may all experience the sweets that another has to offer.

If you're interested, continue reading for information on when/how to register, rules, tips and links.

When to register:

  • I will post an announcement in this thread stating that registrations are open.
  • Registration will run for 3 weeks.
  • After the 3 weeks have passed, I will post another Announcement stating that registrations are closed.
  • Registration posts outside the banners will not be considered for the current swap.

Who can register:

  • MafiaEra Members
  • Acquaintances of our MafiaEra members ( so tell everyone about it ! )

If a MafiaEra member's acquaintance wishes to be included. The MafiaEra member will post their registration information. The MafiaEra member will be their "sponsor" and will be responsible for ensuring their acquaintance follows through with the swap.

How to register:

During this time, post the following information in the thread:

  • MafiaEra username
  • Country of residence
  • 2 countries you would like to swap with
  • Things you like ( or would like to be included )
  • Things you dislike, cannot have or are allergic to
  • candie flavours that are available in your region ( example, in Germany, we have plain oreos but if you have something like pumpkin spiced salted caramel mixed oreos with cream cheese flavor in your country, please bring it on!!)


  • The second post in this thread is reserved to list participants/pairs for the current swap.
  • After the Registration Closed Announement has been posted, I will begin pairing MafiaEra members.
  • Private Messages will be sent out to members as they are paired with one another. The second post will be updated with pairs.
  • I will pair members based on registration date/time and preference as best as I can. This will take around 1 Week

Eg. Poster 1 is from U.S. and wants to swap with Germany. Poster 2 is from Germany and wants to swap with China. Poster 3 is from Germany and wants to swap with U.S. Posters 1 and 3 would be paired.

Shipping deadline:

  • After pairing is complete, I will post another Announcement stating the date to which your packages must be shipped by.
  • This date will be 3 weeks from when pairing is complete.


What to send:

  • Anything that you and your partner decide, taking into account the following guidelines.
  • No homemade items. For safety. I trust that MafieEra members wouldn't do anything malicious to items sent to another member, but it's better to not allow the chance.
  • Sweets need to be legitimate. Sweets can be from a specialty shop as long as it is packaged properly.
  • The sweets should be packaged properly. Individually wrapped or still sealed from the purchase.

How much to send:
  • I suggest a minimum of $20. Anything less and it would most likely cost more than to ship it than the actual contents.
  • I'll leave it up to you and your partner if you wish increase the limit.
  • Last year everyone kept it under 2kg ( in order to make it not THAT expensive )

Helpful links:

U.S. Postal Service Shipping Calculator
UPS Shipping Calculator
FedEx Shipping Calculator
DHL SHIPPING German prices
Australian Shipping Calculator

Hopefully this time everyone will recieve their packages in time :)



Chilean German Madman
Regristrations are now CLOSED!

The official list has been released!

UserCountryPair CountryPaired User
Sawneeks friend USAAnynin
I am very happy how many of you showed interest and signed up to do this :)

Everyone Feel free to contact you Paired User in order to get to know each other :3
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It’s been some years, and I think I was the only person who didn’t get a package last time, but I’ll do it again.

Whole new weird packaged candies to get from around here.

USA (Tennessee)
Pair country : any
Like: gummy sweets (think Haribo-like), chocolate, sweet dry cereals, will try just about anything
dislikes: fish flavoured snack treats (I know this is really specific but really the only thing I can think of)

can get near me: traditional American candies and cakes, Memphis BBQ seasoning, local chocolatier stuff, fun American cereals, crisps/chips, cookies, I’ll figure out some fun stuff based on what you like
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ain't no law when you're drinking the claw
Like: Anything
dislikes: fish flavoured snack treats (I stole this from zipped because the only thing I can think of)


Chilean German Madman
  • Mafia username: nin
  • Country of residence: Germany
  • 2 countries you would like to swap with: Any
  • Things you like ( or would like to be included ): special stuff that is not available here in germany
  • Things you dislike, cannot have or allergic to: licorice
  • Candy flavours that are available in your region: A lot of great chocolate.


How do you do, fellow mafia?
MafiaEra username: Ephidel
Country of residence: UK
2 countries you would like to swap with: Any
Things you like (or would like to be included): I like most sweet things, surprise me!
Things you dislike/cannot have/are allergic to:
Alcohol. Please no boozy sweets.
Peanuts. Not allergic, just really dislike.
Let's also say no to sending soft drinks as they got mentioned in the op, they might explode in transit or something and that would be bad.
Flavours that are available in your region:
Caramilk dairy milk bars. Cadbury Puds. Sticks of rock. Honestly I'm not sure but I'll go hunting for some fun things to send!


Chilean German Madman
Some important Information coming from our fellow member weemadarthur:

Regarding USA
You don’t want to send the candy via UPS or FedEx internationally because they charge extra fees for “handling” that are above the customs taxes

regarding UK
Britain canceled the minimum for imports, so it’s not twenty pounds anymore, anything you import as a purchase is now subject to VAT, plus they still charge you eight ….pounds?….delivery fee on their end, because that’s what you get from Royal Post.

Mark as gift, put value of like $10-15 american dollars, people living there just have to suffer the delivery fee, that’s what they get for brexit.


Wait, I was right? Fuck
Username: HPSauce
Location: Britland
Countries to swap with: Any
Like/would Like: Anything Really except...
Dislike: Nuts, Mint, Licorice
Can get (regional): Kendal Mint Cake, Chorley Cake, Blackpool Rock, any traditional style British sweets.
Username: AllThingsPurple
Location: England
Countries to swap with: Any but UK
Like/Would like: open to any kind of sweet goodness.
Dislike: Peanuts. Licorice. Marzipan (i dunno if there even exists marzipan sweets but if they do keep them away from me!)
Can get: Good stuff. gummi sweets, sour sweets, chocolate, biscuits (cookies to you americans)
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I'll explain my reasons later
Username: Hawthorn
Location: USA (Massachusetts)
Countries: Any except USA
Likes: Everything, especially chocolate and baked goods/biscuits/cookies
Dislike: Licorice (not an allergy, and fine with small amounts, just don't love the flavor).
Can get: Standard USA candy, local spiced/candied nuts, local marshmallows

Thank you for organizing this nin, such a nice idea!


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Username: Dr. Monkey
Location: USA (Michigan)
Countries: Any except USA
Likes: Chocolate, nuts, all baked things (waffly things, cookie/biscuit things, SHORTBREAD, all yum), gummy things, sour things, liquory things, almost all the things
Dislikes: Fruit and cream together, some fruit-filled things
Can get: Standard US things but also all sorts of wacky artisanal things - here's part of a local shop's confection menu, for example - and right now lots of pumpkin/apple/autumn things. Also, Michigan is known for cherries and blueberries, so lots of fancy candied berries here. I love shopping for unusual things so I'm happy to chat with my partner and look through some local things if that's what they're into.


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Am I the only person who likes licorice? I wouldn't eat it all the time, but the good real stuff is delish.


little green dog
MafiaEra username: Sawneeks
Country of residence: USA (California)
Countries: Anywhere but the US
Things you like: Chocolate, caramel, mint
Things you dislike/allergies: No nuts if possible (allergies).
candie flavours that are available in your region: any crazy american candy you can think. plus some candy from mexico that I can track down.


MafiaEra username: N/A (A friend of mine so just contact Sawneeks)
Country of residence: USA (California)
Countries: Anywhere but the US
Things you like: Gummy candy, sour, chocolate
Things you dislike/allergies: Not a big fan of fruit-filled candy
candie flavours that are available in your region: any crazy american candy you can think. plus some candy from mexico that we can track down.
Red vines are amazing, traditional licorice is great too.

black licorice? Sparingly but still if offered I won’t turn it down.
  • MafiaEra username : Rynam
  • Country of residence : Switzerland
  • 2 countries you would like to swap with : Any, preferably something in Europe tho.
  • Things you like ( or would like to be included ) : Anything really except see below
  • Things you dislike, cannot have or are allergic to : Chocolate, Licorice, Caramel
  • candie flavours that are available in your region : Many different types of Chocolate


Staff member
MafiaEra username: RetroMG
Country of residence: USA
2 countries you would like to swap with: UK, (see next answer) otherwise not picky.
Things you like: Chocolate, mostly. My wife would really like to try those Cadbury Puds that were discontinued until recently. Otherwise I'm not picky.
Things you dislike, cannot have or are allergic to: No alcohol, please
Candie flavours that are available in your region: USA flavors. Herseys, etc. We have many weird varieties of Oreos.


#1 official chartmaker
MafiEra Username: malus
Country of Residence: Switzerland
Countries you would like to swap with: Any
Things you like: Anything special that's not available here
Things you dislike: Alcohol (Small quantities are okay, but no alcoholic beverages)
Things available in your region: Lots of chocolate, Kambly Biscuits


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No, red licorice is just delicious trash.

Sneeks, you should have seen all the candy corn they had at the apple orchards this weekend. You'd have died of bliss.
I almost forgot about this!

MafiaEra username: Terraforce
Country of residence: USA (Georgia)
Countries: Anywhere (if from the US, preferably something unique or local)
Things you like: Anything cookie flavored, Fruit flavored candy, chocolate that's not just plain chocolate lol (so like chocolate bar with caramel/cream filling, or a chocolate covered something like a chocolate pretzel), flavored fudge.
Things you dislike/allergies: As few nuts as humanly possible
Candie flavours that are available in your region: There's a local spot near me with some awesome flavored fudge, unique flavored chocolate bars and crispy cakes, and gel filled hard candies. Not just your run of the mill hershey's or haribo
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Chilean German Madman
I am in bed now, but I just saw that i forgot to add Sawneeks friend, will update the chart tomorrow.

She will be trading candies with myself ^.^


Chilean German Madman
Since my partner has already shipped his candy.

It is also my pleasure to announce that you can do the same!

Share the love : )


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Thank you, @Zippedpinhead! The potato chips had suffered a little bit but everything else survived the delivery unharmed. I'm especially keen on trying out the BBQ seasoning. I guess I'll have to post the results in the discord food channel.


Chilean German Madman
Got my candy a week ago and I am very very happy. Thanks again @Sawneeks and your buddy. Most if not all of the candies are right up my alley :))


Mafia, pocketed, or dead N1
Will we be doing this again this year? I joined at the tail end of the swap last year but it would be fun to participate!
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