Spectator Thread Every day they're out there making duck puns


What a thing to wake up to. Town noooo

For VA when you read through spec, I feel for you. It's been a long game and I was feeling the same way on my last day.

Congrats LP - me not getting you out is going to haunt me lol


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Well there it is, congrats LP and to the whole of scum team! Great effort from town also, some of yall solved until the last minute and yeah, being worn down and getting exhausted is a real part of the game so no shame there at all. Just a very well thought out game design all around and I think you see that in how close it came down in the end, so big hand to the runners and designers :)


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Major congratulations to my dear little nephew, the phantom blot! I have to admit that I switched to rooting for Sawneeks while reading the last day phase, but you have to appreciate amazing mafia play like that.

Town was just too tired, overall, to take a good look back over their assumptions, which is hard to do in a long drawn-out game with so many night actions and replacements. Even replacing in relatively early, I was overwhelmed. Still, they got 3 out of 4 mafia, so it was pretty close over all.

Did you figure it out it would only work with a character who wasn't a duck, though? lol

Y'know, because it's a toothbrush, it only works if you have teeth lol

Never would have guessed! Even though of course it is commonly known that ducks don't have teeth! Great flavor in this game.

But nah, it just means I deeply appreciate smart and slightly evil lady lawyers, especially when they play mafia. Or at least I appreciate the cleverness of a particular Hawthorn a lot and delight in being weird about it. It's a thing.

I deeply appreciate you too, no matter how illegal your marriage proposal was!


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I'm pro-town but rooting for LP in this. He was put in a difficult situation and has played it as about as good as you can, I always save sympathy for the last scum trying to survive. Plus it would make up for how Risk ended.

I had the better joke. :(

That's on the list of my top 10 saddest mafia moments.

man that is a TELL
don't tell LP we noticed

I think the only other time I did a pre typed was in Stardew as a neutral to push for my win condition. It's such a tell.

Poor VA, somehow alive in F4 as an innocent child

The Fanto confirmed town condition. He did have a BP but you have to use that opportunity as scum.


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Didn't say anything the first time I saw it, but now that someone quoted it, wee going "EC has never looked town in his life" is hilarious since this game is the towniest I have ever looked.
Haha, no offense intended, I still haven’t read the first 80 pages. congrats on being NK’d tho! It’s always a good reassurance that you were being too town.
It kind of depends on the list and the players on the list, some will keep up and others won't really. Personally if I am top 3 on replacements I try to keep up as much as possible but if I am towards the bottom I tend to slack off. Wee is in an even harder spot as they did a solid and volunteered as a replacement even though they weren't on the list originally.

Yeah, regardless of what happens here, wee did everyone a favor. May sideeye the choices but nothing but respect for falling on that sword for folks.
I was technically just the bottom of the perm replacement list. But yes, I absolutely did NOT want to be playing in this game and only showed up to be a good community member. Asking me to be a good player at the same time is asking too much.


say all you want about what was obvious, but I never got claims and claimed night actions posted for me nor could i find them easily in thread. The only thing obvious to me was that bojack was town, lol.


hey, this was a great game and really fun to watch

lp is a fucking scary player that id never be able to solve ever
letting him be a replacement is just too cruel
that fethry play at the end there was so fucking what
i googled it and was like this sounds like bullshit but the way he said it, it just seemed alright yeah he's got it

anyways games get tense keep your heads up and to anyone that was sad about their play or w/e
i used to play so, you're all good
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