Bastille Saloon


Mafia, pocketed, or dead N1
Thank you for the kind words. I got really sick the last day so hard to keep the momentum going. I kinda figured it was 2 v 1 scum team but a bit too late to course correct.

Aw, well take it easy and look after yourself Melon

I do wonder how different the game might have been had fate not decided to get involved in a red check for no reason what so ever. If cap had died that day, he doesn't kill me with his hunt power

Yeah, that was a damn shame he did that. A damn shame ...


Quickdraw King
Thanks for the game ya'll, shame we took out Sneeks so early after the effort she put in. Would've been good to see how things would've worked out if Cult didn't get killed off so early on, although playing town may have been even less fun lol.
But yeah definitely odd behavior from Kop
Not sure what I could've done here lol. Don't vote and Leo would die. Tie and I'd look scummy as hell. I actually pre-typed the vote, but the post was written as Stan was voting, had to cut it a little short ofc but didn't realize I voted twice haha.
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