Candy Swap 2022 Deluxe Edition


Chilean German Madman

Hello Fellow MafiaEra members,

It’s this time of the year again! Time to swap candies with your loved ones again !

Last time went pretty smoothly so let’s do the swapping again since it was so much fun last time around :)

So without further ado

Welcome to the fourth Candy Swap , THE place to swap Candy. But, why limit it to just Candy when you can swap other sweet things too? I'm talking about Candy, Cookies/Biscuits, Pastries, Chips/Crisps, Soft Drinks, anything you Desire!

Of course the purpose is to organize swapping of sweets between members from different countries so that we may all experience the sweets that another has to offer.

If you're interested, continue reading for information on when/how to register, rules, tips and links.

When to register:

  • I will post an announcement in this thread stating that registrations are open.
  • Registration will run for 3 weeks.
  • After the 3 weeks have passed, I will post another Announcement stating that registrations are closed.
  • Registration posts outside the banners will not be considered for the current swap.

Who can register:

  • MafiaEra Members
  • Acquaintances of our MafiaEra members ( so tell everyone about it ! )

If a MafiaEra member's acquaintance wishes to be included. The MafiaEra member will post their registration information. The MafiaEra member will be their "sponsor" and will be responsible for ensuring their acquaintance follows through with the swap.

How to register:
During this time, post the following information in the thread:

  • MafiaEra username
  • Country of residence
  • 2 countries you would like to swap with
  • Things you like ( or would like to be included )
  • Things you dislike, cannot have or are allergic to
  • candie flavours that are available in your region ( example, in Germany, we have plain oreos but if you have something like pumpkin spiced salted caramel mixed oreos with cream cheese flavor in your country, please bring it on!!)


  • The second post in this thread is reserved to list participants/pairs for the current swap.
  • After the Registration Closed Announement has been posted, I will begin pairing MafiaEra members.
  • Private Messages will be sent out to members as they are paired with one another. The second post will be updated with pairs.
  • I will pair members based on registration date/time and preference as best as I can. This will take around 1 Week

Eg. Poster 1 is from U.S. and wants to swap with Germany. Poster 2 is from Germany and wants to swap with China. Poster 3 is from Germany and wants to swap with U.S. Posters 1 and 3 would be paired.

Shipping deadline:

  • After pairing is complete, I will post another Announcement stating the date to which your packages must be shipped by.
  • This date will be 3 weeks from when pairing is complete.
Timeframe: incoming

What to send:

  • Anything that you and your partner decide, taking into account the following guidelines.
  • No homemade items. For safety. I trust that MafieEra members wouldn't do anything malicious to items sent to another member, but it's better to not allow the chance.
  • Sweets need to be legitimate. Sweets can be from a specialty shop as long as it is packaged properly.
  • The sweets should be packaged properly. Individually wrapped or still sealed from the purchase.

How much to send:

  • I suggest a minimum of $20. Anything less and it would most likely cost more than to ship it than the actual contents.
  • I'll leave it up to you and your partner if you wish increase the limit.
  • Last year everyone kept it under 2kg ( in order to make it not THAT expensive )

Helpful links:

U.S. Postal Service Shipping Calculator

UPS Shipping Calculator

FedEx Shipping Calculator

DHL SHIPPING German prices

Australian Shipping Calculator

Hopefully this time everyone will recieve their packages in time :)



Chilean German Madman
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Mafia, pocketed, or dead N1
Username: Donnie + Delcat (I will not lie, my partner is excited to do this and will make a lot of the effort lmao)
Location: Scotland
Countries to swap with: Any but uk (if that's the only match no worries but probably less exciting for the other person)
Like/would Like: Anything!
Dislike: Nothing!
Can get (regional): Tunnock's Tea Cakes, Tablet, Macaroon bars, Fudge, irn bru flavored ______, shortbread, uk chocolate eg terry's chocolate orange, galaxy, cadbury etc

Sadly I don't think the deep fried batter mars bars or pizza would make the crossing
Username: zipped (and co)
Location: USA (state: Tennessee, City: Memphis)
Countries to swap with: Any
Like/would Like: Anything!
Dislike: like a variety
Can get (regional): bbq seasoning, American snack cakes, crazy pop-tarts, Reese’s peanut butter cups, pringles, Memphis speciality pork rinds (If desired), ranch mix…, Bubble gum
The shipping deadline is funny considering last year my candy was more of a Christmas gift when I got it in December from FateShirou :laughing:
Not that I minded it ofc. Definitely a great care package and I really appreciated the thought that went into it.

Username: Terraforce
Location: USA (Georgia)
Countries to swap with: Any
Like/would Like: Not too picky, just prefer a variety.
Dislike: See above.
Can get: Southern sweets, lots of peach flavored candy (Georgia's specialty), retro american candies, macaroons/fudge/gummies


I'll explain my reasons later
USA (Massachusetts)
Likes: chocolate, savory stuff, cookies, anything interesting/local
Dislike: sour candies
Local delicacies: jam, roast nuts

maybe it would be a good idea to post about this in the main thread, nin? Not sure everybody saw the discord announcement


#1 official chartmaker
Last year was lots of fun, so sign me up again!

Username: malus
Location: Switzerland
Countries to swap with: Any
Likes: Will try just about anything.
Dislikes: Alcoholic Beverages
Can get: Many different types of chocolate.


Mafia, pocketed, or dead N1
My partner and I had a lot of fun looking for Scottish/Brit things to fill our package up with last week and we sent ours out on Monday morning :) fingers crossed it makes it to Zipped quickly!


Mafia, pocketed, or dead N1
Woohoo got my box from Zipped! Thanks @Zippedpinhead this is awesome and incredibly generous

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