List of games to read for new players


Queen Doppelpopolis
So you've heard of the game Mafia/Werewolf or played it in-person and are interested in checking out how to play it in a forum setting. You want to jump in but aren't too sure of what it will look like or how the play-by-play will be but don't worry! We've all been there. For some prospective players they enjoy reading some of our older games to get a 'feel' for us and for how we play so we've talked together as a community and have put together this list to help you find a game. Our games vary wildly in length, complexity, plot twists, heartbreak, triumph and more - this is just a small sliver of what we have accomplished.

  • Stardew Valley by Dr. Monkey & Pedro (2019) - [Game Thread | Mafia & Spec Threads] -
    • A rather traditional game, Stardew Valley is a wonderful introduction to Mafia/Werewolf and is an excellent example of how our games work. 20 Players.

  • Costume Party by Natiko (2020) - [Game Thread | Mafia & Spec Threads] -
    • Costume Party is a special game as each player is given a fake account to play in! Instead of using knowledge of how someone has played in the past, this type of game forces players to approach others with a blank slate. 18 Players.

  • Super Mario by Fanto (2020) - [Game Thread | Mafia & Spec Threads] -
    • Short, sweet, and filled with enough twists and turns to keep you on your toes! 11 Players.
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