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Round Moon Bears
There may or may not be a serial killer. Not a lot we can tell about the setup except that we had either three or four T's rolled so there can't be more than four of any other indicator. *shrug*
We should still try to keep that little knowledge to ourselves though. It's best to forget about it for now anyway.

And in all seriousness, if I see a mistake... I'll call you out and go in hard.

Bussing all the way, no need to play coy and try to save a mate for a day (even d1). I expect no mercy from you two as well.


i don't know if you guys wanna bus me or not

really sorry had a rough couple days
I hope you are alright? Real life always comes first. If you want to get something off your chest, I'm here to listen.

LuxCommander said:
Watching your back too Sparky.
potential mason breadcrumb
I've given the I could lynch rac too, too easily o.o
who knows

I really wanted to spin it towards melon today :<


thanks gorlak, just going through some shit

which is one of the reasons ive been hesitant to playing mafia again turns out i was right


Round Moon Bears
I think you're doing alright, rac.

Oh man, I didn't expect to pull so much heat lol. Gorlak not joking about wanting to get me lynched lol. My play worked pretty well overall though, I don't think I've ever been so town read by the active players.
Fuck, I think I've been a bit too straight forward linking Sorian to you, fep... no one will buy it and everyone will mention my bussing history >.<

But maybe I can take Oliver with me, when I flip.

And those last 5 minutes I choked. Should have posted anything, let's see if someone will mention it.

See @rac your lynch quietly died down without doing much.
Wasn't expecting to see you at this hour fep, nice that you made it.

Anyone got any PR vibes?

I'm always down to kill Sorian. Block who? If we have a doctor he could be ballsy and not protect Brazil. I'd leave Brazil alive anyway regardless.

My gut says one of us will die by SK :x
i was thinking with an innocent child theres probably not a cop right?
which means that there probably is a doctor i guess
I don't think that's how this setup works.

50% T
15% C
10% D
10% M
5% B
We do have 3 or 4 Ts, at least 1M -> meaning we got room for 2 or 3 different letters.
Hey there scum team, good job so far!

You can submit your roleblock/night kill commands on this thread, no need to PM me on Era. Just label them clearly as such and make sure only one of you submits each command or I may ask for clarification afterwards.

03. [m] Oliver James - baited being a PR, I don't know how to handle it, would call a bluff and leave him alone, probably not SK

01. [m] Comrade Sparkster
11. [m] Lone Prodigy
08. [m] LuxCommander
- these three are all the same, actually wary of comrade and lux calling each other so often
- otherwise not much I can glean from them because of low content with Comrade being the bottom
- I'll go over LP again, but not being under fire he sat on the sideline

06. [m] StanleyPalmtree - short and on spot, no idea, got townread, maybe protected.

09. [f] Dr. Monkey - active and engaging, could also be a kill target even though she got scumread by people, do you think she's lynch material? I don't know if she would be all over the thread as a PR

04. [f] Melonrabbit - Replaced by Natiko D1 - the replacement is killing me, would've called melon a PR laying low, but now? who knows...

02. [m] Sorian - we could spin a lynch against him later, but something in his play makes me feel his not vanilla - my preferred kill tonight
Block: Natiko

for now (I can change until deadline, right fireblend?) just in case I forget, and please voice your thoughts, we've got 24 hours
Sorian's death would increase wifom towards you and maybe push me in a bad light regarding my desire to flip fep, but I think that's good. I hopefully talk myself out of it tomorrow.

Is there a downside to killing him?

Fep what's your opinion? Noticed anything?

Anyone else we should kill and or block?
Well, we don't have to talk things through :p
but I think fep should at least submit a kill
7 hours until command lock

I'll be home in a few hours to reread and write more, see ya


i think wifom would be me and lp which i dunno if I get out of that one but i think it's worth it
Lack of sleep makes me slow,
we'll keep an eye on batik for now

Stanley has actually not contributed much. 10 posts, half of them directed against turmoil, only one with actual argument. other than that lux is artificial and snarky responses to people. Could be trying to look active. My guess is bored town.
Lux is squirming and seems lost. Two responses to ComradeSparksters answers - still have that mason idea in my head. Not seeing another PR yet, but he got a bit defensive, than discussion turned elsewhere.

LP shoots at monkey, and nags a bit. Great shoutout for this post tho:
Lone_Prodigy said:
Or you could just pick the guy with the lest posts like rac.
Don't get anything else from him.

ComradeSparkster... I don't enjoy his play. Only 3 posts directed at "Luxy". Can't see much in this gibberish. Loves Sorian apparantly, doesn't see red flags from anyone. Thinks Stan has a good read for once. Ugh.
Would kill
And I've lost my motivation. Don't know if this leads anywhere anyway.

Gut feeling it is...
melon maybe laying low, natiko not so townie?
sorian trying to influence, but not at full throttle, could be pr
monkey everywhere, doesn't mind attention, it's more likely for her to be vanilla than the other way around (but that's not definite (as everything isn't))
brazil duh
lux, lp, stan, comrade
rac, fep, me
OJ baiting and defensive, who knows, let him get himself lynched.

ah, and turmoil is dead. that's everyone.

I'm officially fine with our decisions.
i think wifom would be me and lp which i dunno if I get out of that one but i think it's worth it
fwiw if you post and put out some actual contributions, you'll be fine. voices saying that rac hasn't contributed d1, will fade out with new info.


so do you think sorian used his shot and hit lp or the serial killer got them?

in any case i think we keep blocking natiko
I need to whine, because I worked overtime. I decided to not go to volleyball because my brain isn't functioning right now and the training I've been to one time so far, was on a high level I'm not used to, and I'm dumb at the moment.

I shouldn't post, but I did and I feel bad for letting you hang down, because I'm better than this -.-
In any case, batik feels iffy.
Stan is vanilla. Probably as is Oliver.
No clue about Lux or Comrade
Monkey could be sth. don't know why she expected to bite the grass (only alive to be set-up?)
TTT - M - V
Two missing.

Without SK, we have one more T and one more PR (1-shot cop, doctor, roleblocker)
With SK, we face two letters (which could be full cop, or a variation of definitely two PRs)


i dont know why it seems everyone is gonna jump on who im voting the past two days but it doesnt seem very good for me


i was thinking about posting for awhile now but imma just let it rock

whatever happens im cool with it
sorry for not being around, I tried to be a decent human being and had a shitty Friday. Concentrating on mafia would have been too much for me :/

I skimmed the rest of the day.
Rac was a random lynch? :( That's really unfortunate.

Batik and Monkey are way too much comfortable with each other. I suspect masons. But even if that weren't, I'd say kill Batik regardless.

So I agree with your kill. Do you want to block him as well? Or do you have someone else in mind? I didnt get pr vibes from someone else...

As far as lynches go, sparkster is my wish for next day. Or lux maybe. Monkey is too early I think - we'll see
I don't have the energy for this.

Monkey puts a #feeelz readlist out there and no one is arguing. I maybe see a way to go against that post, but it requires too much time and effort. Rereading and trying to twist shit. And there is no guarantee it would work.
Natiko goes c&p.

Wheels have turned too far to redirect this game.

I'm giving up right here and now. Replacement or throwing the towel, what do you say fep?

Letting the day pass and hope to survive isn't what I want.

Putting someone else in my place feels unfair, but ending it for everyone also. This isn't an easy decision for me ...

I'm literally lying in my bed, thinking about this instead of sleeping.

Feb I want out :(
I sent you a PM, Gorlak.

For what it's worth, I don't think the result of the game is set in stone just yet and you two are pretty good players. I've seen town lose from better situations :P


Round Moon Bears
If you want to suicide, you can take Natiko out with you by claiming the block on him. You wouldn't survive the thunderdome but your flip would probably generate some good wifom. But we have to hope there's a doctor in the game because if I got blocked then we are boned without you. Unless Natiko actually is a BP serial killer.

I think getting an ML today isn't too hard. Not really interested in throwing the game. Replacement should be able to get a quick idea of the situation and decide for themselves since it's a fairly quiet game. Sorry you're not feeling it. I'm kind of just a zombie now from the weekend.
fuck I knew it monkey damn you
(nobody will believe me but I considered her, even if I said I didn't get other pr vibes, monkey was pr I said it above, I considered it last night as well, damn it x.x ;)

Well we got a doctor claim out of this at least. If we get natiko lynched that'll be the maximum I'd say. Let's hope for the best. You have your kill order fep
Okay, we have DVM TTTT as of now. No SK.
If a single letter comes forward we immediatly go into SK = Natiko territory.


Round Moon Bears
Well, let's get Natiko out today, block kill Monkey. We'll turbo you tomorrow and I'll walk a lonely road forward I guess. Word on getting the doctor claim out.
hey, I need a gamerunner here

Is lying about the reason I thought of being replaced fine? Is talking about considering replacement fair game?

I'm debating playing dirty and appeal to emotion with Monkey, but that could be some heavy stuff and I'm unsure wether it's going too far. >.<
My idea in question:

And to keep with this post, I can't stand that attitude. That big chunk of time is called LIFE. Sleep and work. You've been one of the persons to keep highlighting how I check out at times and yes ffs I said so before the game started. I actually had a conversation with Fireblend about this and wanted to quit the game because of it, but I decided to stay and let it pass until afterwards
Appealing to emotion is ok, but I don't think talking about any conversation that may have/not have happened with your gamerunner is allowed. I'd advice against it.

So, feel free to lie about considering having a replacement, but skip the conversation part. Specifically I don't want you/disallow you from posting: "I actually had a conversation with Fireblend about this and wanted to quit the game because of it, but I decided to stay and let it pass until afterwards"
Thanks for the answer @Fireblend,
and for everyone reading I really did feel bad taking this route.

these last hours were the utmost fun and I remembered that fakeclaiming is soooo entertaining. I've felt the rush and heat of the moment again.

town played well, but our position isn't that bad actually.

good luck fep, I'll buy you a beer if you win this
you can do it!


Round Moon Bears
Goddamn turbo while I'm typing. Not the post I want to finish the day on, was hoping to actually pull the trigger myself.

Sorry it worked out this way, Gorlak. See you on the other side. WIFOM goddamn doctor kills starts now I guess.
@flatearthpandas , you didn't fulfill the 10 posts requirement during this day phase. Do try to comply with it during the next phase or you might be replaced.

Also, how do you feel about switching to 24 hour long phases? You should probably consider the minimum activity requirements to answer that.

Cheers, and good luck! Remember to submit your night kill :)


Round Moon Bears
They turboed in the middle of the night while I was asleep... there's still supposed to be an hour left right now, I'm one post shy, and obviously awake and ready to be posting. Its 5am right now and I woke up for day end and would have hit the post limit. That warning doesn't seem fair given the circumstances.

24 hours is fine.

Kill: Brazil
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