In the Old Ruins

yeah that did not make sense to me, but I'm wondering if she could be another neutral. just feels like this game has too many directions to go in...
I'd be surprised if she's not scum here with the visit to Sneeks and Sorian's kill explained now. If she makes it through the night should be an easy push to kill her.

Also, I'll probably push on you a little next day phase. It'd look weird for me to ignore you all game and you'd definitely be on my radar at this stage of the game if I were town.


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I'm trying to cause some drama by slow rolling my no vote to see who is targeting me and if they actually think i am sus or if its something else
yeah, that's good. more distraction for today will be good because I doubt people will want to flip you for being targeted, but they will want to sit around and discuss the action and continue not solving
honestly if Monkey's town, she's not thinking things through very well at all. even discounting HP's vig's abilities, he was a great kill last night because he was a low info kill. No one was going to ever push to flip him, and his kill informs no one about the make up of the scum team who killed him
yup, I had to say yes to that. I thought monkey was town yesterday, so i was fine with either vote. Still fine with either vote today. its a perfect day for me not to vote lol
So, we're still at a slight disadvantage with 12 players. Usually with 12 player rosters there's 3 scum, so unless there's one more kill shit somewhere, this might still be a struggle for us.

We need to survive six phases from here on out to win.

I'm thinking we actually leave Stan alive. That'll create a healthy amount of what the fuckery in thread tomorrow that will distract town a bit while we go for a really out there kill. I'm thinking a player that no one expects to be night killed like jman or EC. No one would expect me to be behind kills on either of those two and they're super low info kills that town can't use against us.
OK, I think jman is still the best option. he's not ever going to be an option for a day kill, and we don't want him giving something helpful to town that might be used against us. let's kill him. think you should do the kill command here, make sure no one has eyes on me.
no worries, I'll be surprised if there's roles left that can target people with investigative purposes that have shots left at this point.
ok, so I've mapped out a rough idea of where I'd like the game to go. I think our next three night kills should be EC, Stan and Zeke. I think EC should go first just because I don't want his power to mess with anything on our end.

Stan and Zeke can be flip-flopped whenever, but I do lean on flipping Stan first just because he's a doctor and it'd suck to have him block a Zeke kill or something.

After that, I'm going to focus on flipping Neon and LP during the next two day phases. If we can get those two flipped that sets us up for a F5 of Thorny, Ephi, Neki and us. Which would be great because Neki has been sus of Thorny all game and I can see both Thorny and Ephi wanting to go for Neki. This is risky because both Thorny and Ephi could sniff us out, but Neon and LP are both unpredictable wildcards. I've been trying to steadily pocket Thorny this whole game, which I hope helps us in the F5.
Hm, actually, I may want to flip Stan tonight because if a mass claim happens we don't need him to mess something up by targeting one of us tonight and having his soft flavor cop ability mucking up our fake claims.
actually actually, you still have a jailer shot. you can jail Stan tonight and I'll kill EC and then we don't have to worry about Stan's flavor cop shit
lol glad i let you do all the hard work. Just kidding, but only kind of. I really did not expect to be so busy right now! But I think now is the right time to make some big plays, I have almost never interacted with Stan i think, I have no problem shooting him, and I agree EC should go right away. Though I do worry about us killing off two kinda low pst players, will make people sus of you
hopefully Stan just protected EC and that's the end of that mystery. would be disappointing tho, since then the kill was stopped because we didn't jail him

also, with that very pointed question, I'm guessing Thorny gave me the extra track
ugh sorry, i may have to sup out, a co worker called out so i had to work OT, and then i feel asleep! Im so sorry! I really though work would be winding down for winter, but no!

Anyway, this could work in our favor maybe, if they think no one will kill them on even days
oh, welp, I was toying with the idea of using the track tonight to track you to the kill on Stan to give me a big town cred boost that might have gotten me to F3, but replacing may be a safer option. you were a good partner at any rate, hope you had fun playing.
She hasn't claimed anything.

I tracked Monkey to the Sneeks kill and claimed it, which is giving me small town cred, but it's rapidly dwindling as more credible town claims come out. We're basically down to Neon, LP, Ephi (she claimed her flavor name tho), Thorny and you for unclaimed players left


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Ok, I'm not intending to claim anytime soon or anything, but I want to have a fake in my pocket in case push comes to shove.

Thoughts on claiming the jailer straight? I see I jailed c4 on N1, but don't know if c4 claimed something that might've made that decision look anti-town.
c4 was the serial killer so it wouldn't come off as anti town necessarily, tho I'm not sure how you could rationalize Cheshire picking c4 to jail randomly on N1 from a town perspective

there have been vanilla flips so claiming vanilla is probably the safest option using the King of the Forest fakeclaim
I'm the only player with experience with c4 as a player so it may look like we're teamed if you go with saying Cheshire jailed c4 on N1. no one else would tell her to do that
Zeke is vanilla
EC forces players to target players he chooses with their ability or be roleblocked for the night
Neki is a 1 shot motivator, I got an extra track from him last night
Stan is a doctor that is told whether his targets are machines or android, so soft flavor cop too


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so I've still got this night-kill protection Key jman handed Cheshire - thoughts on saying I used it last night?

On one hand, it would help muddy the waters a bit about what happened last night. If the fake claim I'm going with is vanilla, then I wouldn't even have been blocked from doing anything the night I used it, so it makes sense from that perspective. I'm not sure if there are any additional risks associated at this point with claiming I used it. If I'm reading correctly, anex and Sneeks as JOATs had the tracker shots, and also c4 received a tracker shot, so it's not as though anyone would be able to refute it. Not that I know whether

On the other, maybe Cheshire's fake town frame of thinking supports that she thought she might not be the night kill and sat on it instead.
I think I just track you, and you kill Stan and I say I got no movement from you tomorrow. Might as well actually track you in case I somehow get eyes on me somewhere.


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I think Stan is the kill, for sure.

I’m a little worried about Neki’s fishing rod if he targets me. He’ll get back 2 shot jailer and I’ll have to explain why I’ve been sitting on a jailer shot this long, unless you can think of suitable dead targets Cheshire might’ve chosen. If he targets me and I can explain the actions Cheshire did, maybe that works out as a good thing for us. I’d have to check what she said in the thread, too.

But that’s all assuming Neki targets me. I’m still an unknown in a pool of 4 others, but who knows what he’ll do.

Your concern over being tracked or Stan watched might be warranted, too. From that angle, what you’re saying makes sense.

I’m going to sleep on it and see if there’s a different way.
yeah, I'm concerned about Neki switching from what he said in thread about targeting Zeke too. if you think the risk is greater than me being watched, jailing Neki and having me kill Stan would be the best option. there's pros and cons to both plans


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It really feels like we're going to have to thread the needle here. Cheshire and you did a great job staying above suspicion this long, and you're in a particularly good spot. Cheshire/I have unfortunately been POE'd, though, so it's about delaying me getting voted out as long as possible.

So here are a few scenarios to help organize my thoughts we can throw darts at:

Scenario A:
  1. Maol - Track: Launchpad
  2. Launchpad - Kill: Stan
This scenario holds up as far as the actions goes. The problem is if Neki or some unknown role checks me here. However, there's a good explanation - town knows that EvenScum had a strongman through Random; we can lead town to believe that OddScum has a strongman, too. If Neki checks me, I can say I targeted Stan to jail him tonight in order to protect him from the kill, but it still got through. Barring someone tracking Stan (which is unlikely as the top townread), no one except Stan would be able to confirm if he was roleblocked, but he'll be dead so he can't do that. Then you can track me and confirm that I targeted Stan. Actually, this plan would work well in our favor if Neki actually does check me because it'll give a plausible explanation. I'll have to tell them c4 was the N1 target, but I have no idea why Cheshire chose them. If Neki does not check me, you can say you tracked me and saw no movement, I'll go back to the vanilla claim I was planning to use if it comes up. We will have to wait until Neki shows his hand to know how to react, though.

Scenario B:
  1. Maol - Kill: Stan
  2. Launchpad - Jail: Neki
This scenario works too, but I think it's riskier than scenario A in a couple ways. Neki checking me might actually be to our benefit, as I outlined above. In the absence of new information, town is just going to go through Neon or I this coming day phase as they had been doing. Neki being jailed might raise more suspicion in his direction, since the case of whether he didn't use the fishing rod because he had an ability/kill to carry out that took priority. It could also go the other way, though, people might believe he actually had the rod and scum was afraid of that outcome. It also opens us up if there's tracker/watcher shots out in the wild.

Scenario C:
  1. Maol - Kill: Stan
  2. Launchpad - Jail: Ephi
I had this idea in mind before day end and that's why I threw some shade at Ephi, though it's risky and as I talk through it, it's not as good a plan as I thought. If Neki checks me, he'll get 2-Shot Jailer back and at least my roleclaim will be validated, and the actions will be justifiable to an extent. I can come out and cop to Cheshire having jailed c4 on N1 (though I can't explain why she did that), but I jailed Ephi N6 because I was suspicious of her. However, though it may be a small thing, the question of why c4 on N1 would come up and people may draw their own conclusions from that. Under this scenario, you could lie and say you tracked me and can confirm I targeted Ephi. I'll probably have to claim this whether or not Neki checks me, though, since Ephi might verify being jailed; it's a commitment to claiming Jailer at some point.

I feel like Scenario A, your original proposal, might be the best choice here. Low risk in terms of us getting called out actions, and high reward if Neki checks me.


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Zeke pressing me for a claim here. I was hoping to get Neki to check in before then, so I might just wait until the morning to respond to Zeke. If Neki hasn't checked in, I'll claim jailer.


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sorry in advance if I screw this up, but I'm going for the jailer claim. crossing my fingers Neki confirms me when he checks in


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I don't think both of us are making it through this, but the good thing is I think what we claimed has made it so one of our deaths will boost the other's cred, so we've got that going for us. It might be enough for one of us to make it to the end.
it'll be tough either way because the only way to win is to break their trust in each other, and they seem pretty tight right now. our best play is to just be as open to the idea of killing us as possible lol
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